Come back in the evening, he said. Beautiful, he said. But she is an enemy, as well as a beautiful thing.

Chains Of Sand

Chains Of Sand – Jemma Wayne
After Before 1
Chains Of Sand – Jemma Wayne
After Before 1

Chains Of Sand

He has always been good at tracking down things that are hidden, like cockroaches in his mother’s kitchen cupboard, or tunnels in Gaza.

At 26, Udi is a veteran of the Israeli army and has killed five men. He wants a new life in a new place. He has a cousin in England.

Daniel is 29, a Londoner, an investment banker and a Jew. He wants for nothing, yet he too is unable to escape an intangible yearning for something more. And for less. He looks to Israel for the answer.

But as the war with Hamas breaks out, Daniel cannot know that the star-crossed love of a Jewish girl and an Arabic man in Jerusalem a decade earlier, will soon complicate all that he thinks has become clear.

Shortlisted for the 2016 Guardian Not the Booker Prize

Chains Of Sand – Jemma Wayne

This is a book that offers both perception and understanding…a real contribution to the political debate.

This is a wonderful book. Intriguing, moving, absorbing. It explores universal emotions, and particular feelings. It’s also a great read.

Daniel Finkelstein, The Times

A terrific novel by an accomplished writer, and deserves to cause a stir, with its brutally topical setting and the frank, poignant and bitter-sweet stories of its main characters. Loved it, and would strongly recommend it.

Edwina Currie

Hard hitting and powerful

The Sun

Ambitious in scope, and evocative in every detail…Jemma Wayne defies the myth that second-time novelists often disappoint…I predict laurels aplenty as this young writer’s future in fiction unfolds.

Smart and moving drama.

A beautifully observed, carefully crafted, often touching, sometimes shocking, and always compelling read.

Church Times