For so many years it haunted. And in the end, all it took was a decision. One decision.

When I Close My Eyes

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When I Close My Eyes

When an old friend appears in her life, Hollywood screenwriter Lilith is forced to confront childhood demons that threaten to destroy the world she has created to keep herself – and others – safe.

Can she trust anyone?

Can she even trust herself?

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This book kept me up until 2am. I was hooked, envious, and deeply impressed.

Louis de Berniéres

Jemma Wayne is a journalist and novelist whose writing is both impeccably clear and full of sensitively realised emotion.

The Literary Review

Every now and again you read an utterly beautiful novel and its lyricism holds you tight and blows you away, all at the same time. Loved this.

Rachael Blok

...knotty...tantalising...a chillingly pungent portrait of predatory mind games.

The Daily Mail

I got so immersed in the gorgeous prose that I lost track of time every time I read. The story beats had a lyrical quality that kept me turning pages, and held my attention captive until the very end. I see great things happening for this book!

Rena Olsen

Very clever and beautiful - Jemma Wayne really captures Lilith's vulnerability. I honestly didn't see that ending coming.

Emma Curtis

A real page-turner…This novel is proper old-school Grip Lit, the opening chapter a masterclass in exposition without obviousness.

The Irish Independent

Jemma Wayne writes as though observing her literary world through a spyglass.

The Jewish Chronicle

Richly layered, simple, and complicated at the same time. Wonderful.

Naomi Gryn